Release Notes migration-center 3.2.8

fme is happy to announce the general availability of their new migration-center release 3.2.8.

migration-center version 3.2.8 provides the following new features:

  • Add Support for SharePoint 2016
  • Add Support for InfoArchive 4.0
  • Add Support for OpenText Content Server 16
  • Changes in D2 Importer:
    • Storing of boolean attributes that have a yes/no dictionary in D2
    • Add Multi-Threading in D2 Importer
    • Using D2 properties for data validation with repeating attribute conditions
    • Importer can attach D2 lifecycle states to the documents
    • Fixed: Importer was unable to overwrite (date) attribute values with the values coming from the source system after the lifecycle mechanism was done (post-processing)
    • Fixed: The i_is_deleted flag could not set because the D2 logic prevent to apply d2 configuration to such objects (Note: This is important for 0.1 (minor) objects which are deleted but still in the source system as root objects)
    • Fixed: The is_is_deleted flag could be set but the lifecycle status stays on (Init) afterwards
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