How to upgrade to the latest version

In order to upgrade your existing migation-center 3.x installation to the latest version, please perform the following steps:

  1. Uninstall the existing Client and Jobserver(s). *) Please see important notes below!
  2. Install the new Client and Jobserver(s).
  3. Backup the existing FMEMC database schema (as it is described in the Installation Guide, which you can find in the <Client Installation Path>\Documentation folder, e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\fme AG\migration-center Client 3.x\Documentation).
  4. Upgrade the database schema by running the MC Database installer and connect to the existing installation as user FMEMC. In case of any error reported during the database upgrade, please click on continue and send the installation log to our product support. Don't run the DB installer twice!


*) Important notes:

For SharePoint Importer: In case you have installed the SharePoint Importer, please uninstall its additional Windows Service ("CSOM Service") before uninstalling the Jobserver by running the uninstall.bat in C:\Program Files (x86)\fme AG\migration-center Server Components 3.2.8\lib\mc-sharepointonline-importer\CSOM_Service\install and of course re-install the new version of the service after the Jobserver was installed.

For Alfresco Scanner/Importer: In case you have installed the Alfresco Scanner and/or Importer, please uninstall the old Alfresco AMP files and re-install the new Alfresco AMP files as described in the Alfresco Scanner and Alfresco Importer User Guides.

If you changed your wrapper.conf file: In case you have modified the wrapper.conf file in the server components installation folder, please create a backup copy of this file before you uninstall the old Jobserver.

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    Vigneshram Rengarajan

    Hi Mark,

    If we are already in MC 3.15, should we run the DB installer to upgrade the database?

    Best regards,

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