Insights into the development of migration-center 4: Basic configuration

The development of migration-center 4 is moving forward. In today’s post I would like to show you two of the new basic configuration screens that we have designed in migration-center 4.

You can open the basic configuration settings by pressing the config icon at the bottom of the main navigation bar. The Job Servers tab shows you the list of configured job servers:

Here you can manage your job servers. To add a new job server, for example, simply press the + button in the command bar above the job server list and a side menu will open on the right:

We have extended the mapping lists feature known from migration-center 3 to support multiple values for a single key in migration-center 4. This allows for more complex value mappings. Now you can add up to ten value columns to a mapping list:

The screen above shows an address mapping list, which maps a customer ID (the Key) to five address values (Name, Street, ZIP Code, etc.). You can then reference a certain value by its column name in the transformation rules.

Again, when you add or edit a mapping list, a side menu will open and you can enter the necessary information:

As you can see, we have tried to make the user interface as consistent as possible to provide a rich user experience.

In the next post I will dive into the details of the analyze phase. So stay tuned.

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