Insights into the development of migration-center 4: Analyze

As I have described in the first article of this series, the new user interface emphasizes our step-by-step migration approach of Analyze, Organize, Transform and Validate, and finally Import:

In today's post, I will show you the details of the Analyze step. In this step, you configure a so-called Scanner in order to scan the desired documents in the source system. So when you press on the Analyze icon on the main navigation bar, the migration-center client shows you the list of currently configured Scanners:

You can create a new Scanner by simply pressing the + icon above the list of Scanners. Enter the basic information of the new Scanner

and switch to the Parameters tab after that in order to configure the Scanner:

After you have entered all the necessary parameters and have ran the scanner, you will be able to view the scan runs (History tab):

and the scanned documents (Objects tab):

After you have checked that all desired objects have been scanned, you can continue with the Organize step, in which you will organize your scanned objects into Migration Sets for further processing. But I will cover that in the next post. So stay tuned.

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