Release Notes migration-center 3.3

fme is happy to announce the general availability of their new migration-center release 3.3

migration-center version 3.3 provides the following new features and fixes:

  • File system
    • Make content_location and id_in_source_system available in transformation rules
    • Fix: Extended Metadata (Tika) cannot read the datetime format DD/MM/YYYY
    • Fix: Improve OTCS scanner documentation
    • Fix: Log message has wrong file path
  • OpenText
    • Set null value on a popup / dropdown attribute
    • Inheritance of permission while importing documents to Opentext Content Server
    • Inherit folder categories when Importing folders
    • Fix: Version label is always set to minor version for the first verison of a version tree
    • Fix: Importing documents that have date table key lookup attributes of type date fail
  • D2
    • Fix: Setting a Lifecycle with no initial state and no state specified in the transformation rules - Fails
    • Fix: Multi-theaded import with applyD2RulesByOwner fails with error message
  • SharePoint
    • Custom query in SharePoint scanner
    • Add Support for SharePoint 2016 in the SharePoint Scanner
    • Scan specific internal attributes
    • Fix: Version content is always exported from the latest version for all versions
    • Fix: Lookup attributes are not scanned at all
    • Fix: Scanning document with non mandatory but empty taxonomy field fails
    • Fix: Content missing from disk when scanning SP and exporting to with local folder path
    • Fix: IndexOutOfRangeException when reading uncommon managed metadata value
  • InfoArchive
    • Add Support for InfoArchive 4.1 & InfoArchive 4.2
    • Fix: Date values are not converted to XML format, except for the first content type
    • Fix: Documents without content fail unless 'nocontent' is specified for mc_content_location
  • eRoom
    • Scan only current versions
  • Outlook
    • Fix: Outlook Scanner does not start when jobserver runs as service
  • Documentation
    • Fix: Wrong version mentioned in installation manual
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