Release notes migration-center 3.4

fme is happy to announce the general availability of their new migration-center release 3.4

migration-center version 3.4 provides the following new features and fixes:

  • Database, Documentum, File system, SharePoint
    • Comprehensive content hashing for Documentum, SharePoint, Database, and File system scanners (#11636)
  • File system
    • Metadata file should contain the attributes that have null or blank value (#11606)
    • Fix: Object not scanned when reading permissions fails (#11779)
  •  InfoArchive
    • Support for migrating Documentum Audit Trails into InfoArchive (#11610)
    • Flexible PDI XML generation (#11638)
  •  OpenText
    • OpenText Importer- Create E-Mail objects (#11670)
    • Fix: Initializers runs until is finished even if stop button was pressed (#11739)
    • Fix: Opentext importer is setting the attributes from a different object to a categorie with multiple rows when using multi threading (#11797)
  •  Outlook
    • Fix: Outlook Scanner does not start when jobserver runs as service (#11615)
  •  SharePoint
    • Flexible PDI XML generation for SharePoint source objects (#11641)
  •  Platform
    • Copy internal attributes to source attributes (#11724)
    • Fix: Scheduler run cannot be deleted (#11889)
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