How to enable debug logging when asked to do so by fme Product Support

Debug logging can be enabled for the mc Jobserver and/or adapters, and is useful for fme Product Support to track down errors customers may run into during their projects.

Debug logging should only be enabled when fme Product Support asks the customer to do so in order to generate a set of log files containing  debug information, after which logging should be reset to the default (ERROR) level.

It is not recommended to enable debug logging permanently, as large amounts of information will be generated in the log files which are generally not useful to end-users working with migration-center, and would complicate parsing of the log files for meaningful messages for the end-user.

NOTE: logging configuration has been simplified starting with mc 3.2.4 Update 2 and as a result differs from previous versions of mc. Please follow the below steps when instructed to enable debug logging in mc 3.2.4 Update 2 or higher.

  1. Stop the Jobserver (let any running jobs finish first, or stop them from the Jobs window in mc Client)
  2. Backup/move/rename your existing logs folder (which may or may not be in the Server Components installation folder, depending on the log file location set during installation of the mc Server Components)
  3. Go to your mc Server Components installation folder, and open the file in the folder lib/mc-server or lib/mc-core (for MC version 3.13 and later) with a text editor (back the file up first if you want to)
  4. locate the following entries at the beginning of the file
    • logging.level.adapters=ERROR
    • logging.level.server=ERROR
  5. replace the word ERROR with DEBUG in both lines (or just one of them, if specifically instructed to do so by fme product support)
  6. Save the file
  7. Restart the Jobserver
  8. Repeat your scan and/or import. A new logs folder will be generated in place of the old one, containing the new log files with additional debug information. Send these logs to fme Product Support(just zip them all).
  9. Finally,
    • stop the Jobserver
    • revert the changes done to the configuration file in steps 3-6
    • delete/move/rename the newly created logs folder containing the debug logs
    • restore your original logs folder backed up in step 2
    • restart the Jobserver and continue using mc normally.
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