How to enable jobserver DEBUG logging

Jobserver DEBUG can be enabled to provide more detailed logging information for the migration-center Product Support team. Do so only when requested and revert the setting after it is no longer needed as it will generate large amounts of information in the logs and it might also impact performance.

Please follow the steps below for your installed version: 

Before switching to the DEBUG logging it is recommended that you perform a backup and/or move of the files in the log folder, so that only the DEBUG logging relevant to the issue is present.

For migration-center version 3.14 and newer: 

 - open the ...\lib\mc-core\logback.xml file
 - change the line <property name="LOGGING_LEVEL" value="ERROR"/> to 
<property name="LOGGING_LEVEL" value="DEBUG"/> 
 - no jobserver restart is required as after around 30 seconds the changes will take effect and debug logging will be generated

For migration-center version 3.13 and older: 

 - stop the jobserver
 - open the ...\lib\mc-core\ (for v3.13) or ...\lib\mc-server (for v3.12 and older)
 - change the line logging.level.adapters=ERROR to logging.level.adapters=DEBUG 
 - start the jobserver 

After switching the logging level, reproduce the error or scan/import which was causing the issue. 
ZIP the contents of the logs folder so you can send them to the Product Support team.

After it is no longer needed, revert the steps to go back to ERROR logging only.

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