Release Notes migration-center 3.2.6

Are you aware of the migration-center release 3.2.6 on July 10th 2015? In the beginning of this year we have added new features and adapters to the migration-center to fit our customers' requirements.

migration-center release 3.2.6 includes the following new capabilities/updates:

  • New Alfresco scanner: supports scanning documents, folders, custom lists and list items from an Alfresco repository
  • New Microsoft Exchange scanner: supports scanning emails via Exchange API from different accounts using an account that has delegate access to the other ones.
  • New Exchange Removal adapter: supports deleting emails from Microsoft Exchange that have been imported to Documentum
  • New EMC InfoArchive importer: supports importing content from various sources to EMC InfoArchive.
  • Documentum Importer supports multithreaded processing for improved performance
  • Filesystem Importer supports setting the creator name, creation date and modify date to the imported file directly in the filesystem.
  • Enhanced flexibility of generating metadata files in Filesystem Importer
  • The Jobserver component can be installed on Linux now
  • Full integration and enhancements of the Lotus Notes scanner
  • Oracle 12c support
  • Bug fixes

In parallel we are working on our new major release migration-center 4.0 for 2016 with a whole new client technology based on .NET. migration-center 4.0 will have a ribbon interface, a newly re-designed GUI and new features for administrators and users apart from diverse analysis and even more.

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