How to install multiple job server services on the same machine

You can install a single migration-center job server on a Windows machine using our installer. But sometimes it might be necessary to install a second instance of the job server service on the same machine. To do so please follow the steps below:

  1. Install the first migration-center job server using the provided installer.
    Let's assume, you installed it into the folder C:\app\migration-center Server Components 3.x

  2. Create the second instance by copying the migration-center Server Components 3.x folder into a new location, e.g. C:\app\migration-center Server Components 3.x (2)

  3. Edit the following parameters in the wrapper.conf file of the second instance and enter appropriate names:

    # Name of the service
    # Display name of the service
    wrapper.ntservice.displayname=Migration Center Job Server2

  4. Change the network port of the new instance in the file in the lib/mc-core subfolder to a new, unused value (the first instance uses ports 9700 and 9701 by default, so 9702 is a fine value for the second instance):

    [job server port]
  5. Open the context menu of the InstallAsWinNTService.bat batch file in the root folder of the second instance and click Run as Administrator.

  6. Open the Services configuration (press [Windows]+R, type "services.msc" and hit [Enter]). Look for the Migration Center Job Server2 (or whatever name you chose in step 3) service and start it.

Please note:

  • Do not forget to enter the correct port number when you add the new job server in your migration-center client!
  • The Name/Location of a job server entry in migration-center must be unique. Thus you need a little workaround in order to add a second job server on the same machine: You can either create a network name alias for the machine in the DNS (or in the etc/hosts files of the relevant machines) or you can use the IP address of the machine instead of its network name for the second job server. For example, if your job server machine has the network name "mc-job-server" and the IP address "" then you could add the following entry in your etc/hosts file and use "mc-job-server2" as Name/Location of the second job server:    mc-job-server2
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