How to delete all runs of a scanner or importer


Cleaning up the migration-center database manually by deleting the history of the scanners or importers can be tedious task depending on the number of scanner/importer runs. The task can be greatly facilitated by running a stored procedure on the database level.

First, install the stored procedure in the migration-center database:

Run the attached script (del_job_history.sql) in SqlPlus or SQL Developer connected as user FMEMC.

Second, run the script with the appropriate scanner/importer ID:

For deleting all runs of a scanner or importer, run the following command in SqlPlus or SQL Developer connected as FMEMC user (replace 1000 with your scanner/importer id):

exec del_adaptor_history(1000);


The stored procedure will delete the complete history of the specified scanner or importer. So please use it with great care!

We strongly recommend to create a backup of the migration-center database before you execute this stored procedure!

Deleting a scanner history will delete all scanned objects that have been scanned by the specified scanner. The migset where those objects have been selected, will just be emptied but not deleted.

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