Release notes migration-center 3.4 Update 1

fme is happy to announce the general availability of their new migration-center release 3.4 Update 1

migration-center version 3.4 Update 1 provides the following new features and fixes:


  • Add Support for D2 LSSS 4.2 (#10850)
  • Add Support for D2 LSSS 4.3 (#11599)
  • Fix: D2 Property Page Mandatory Attribute feature is not enabled in the code (#11605)
  • Fix: Importing with multiple threads object with Security Rule that was never applied in the sistem - Error for some objects (#11996)


  • SharePoint importer should save content url of imported document (#11688)
  • Detail logging in SPO importer (#11979)


  • Add Box importer to current release (#11964)

OpenText Content Server

  • Fix: System field Description cannot be set with more then 255 characters (#11967)
  • Fix: Adding of operations is not synchronized into OpenText Scanner (#12005)
  • Fix: Remove multiple request to web service (#12006)
  • Fix: When folder categories have invalid values for pop-up attribute the log doesn't specify for which attribute the value is not correct. (#11982)


  • Fix: Changing type for objects with not enough permissions fails (#11988)
  • Fix: Importing version tree with deleted first version - i_is_deleted flag is not set back to True (#11771)
  • Fix: Checksum in the documentum importer is checking content_location (#11808)

Documentum in-place

  • Fix: The in place adapter is not updating the r_version_label. (#11904)
  • Fix: Applying ACLs with the Documentum inplace adaptor doesn't work properly (#11905)
  • Fix: Changing type for deleted root does not work (#11778)

File system

  • Fix: Log4j error messages in wrapper.log when running FS Scanner after a jobserver fresh start or restart (#11915)


  • Fix: Saving migset does not work when database parameter plsql_optimize_level = 3 (#11971)
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