How to determine if an object was already scanned by migration-center

It can happen after a scan is complete that some objects are missing. Those objects are either out of scanner scope (in which case the scanner configuration needs to be checked) or they have been already scanned by a previous scan run. In this case - if the objects were not modified in the source system - they are ignored by the scanner in order to avoid duplication of objects in the migration-center database.

The following script is useful to check if the objects were already scanned by migration-center. Replace the values in the in clause with the IDs of the objects concerned and execute it as fmemc user in the migration-center database:

select distinct as run_id, ajr.adaptor_job_id, ajr.run_description
from source_objects so, adaptor_job_runs ajr
where so.adaptor_job_run_id =
and so.id_in_source_system in ('090000138003494e','0900001380034959','090000138001dc2d');

The result of the script is the scanner ID and the run ID where the object was scanned.

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