Release notes migration-center 3.10

fme is happy to announce the general availability of their new migration-center release 3.10

migration-center version 3.10 provides the following new features and fixes:


  • [UPDATE] Added support for Oracle database version 18c
  • [UPDATE] Enhanced the RepeatingToSingleValue function to not throw exception when length exceeds 4000 bytes
  • [UPDATE] Added missing file and folder name checks in the SP and SPO importer user guides
  • [NEW] Updated linux Jobserver with new YAJSW wrapper
  • [FIX] Fixed error messages bigger than 2000 characters not being saved in the database


  • [FIX] Fixed bug in DCTM adapters when calculating multi page content 

File System Importer:

  • [UPDATE] Improved performance of filesystem importer copy operation

D2 Importer:

  • [NEW] Add support for latest D2 version
  • [NEW] Added switch for lifecycle error handling in D2 Importer

Domino Scanner:

  • [UPDATE] Updated the IBM Domino Scanner

OpenText Scanner:

  • [NEW] Add support for latest OTCS version

SharePoint Importer:

  • [FIX] import taking a long time when content_location points to folder
  • [FIX] Importer not starting if adfsBaseURL contains trailing slash
  • [FIX] DEBUG messages getting logged despite log level ERROR in log4j 
  • [FIX] Added debug log messages for queue building missing in SP importer
  • [FIX] Exception not caught when reverting import action
  • [FIX] Importer hanging when encountering an exception in RefreshDigest method
  • [FIX] Improved Retry handling
  • [FIX] Error when importing into site with %20 in the name
  • [FIX] autoCreateFolders always enabled
  • [FIX] NullPointerException in file upload when SPOnline throttling occurs

Box Importer:

  • [NEW] Complete re-design of Box importer with additional features

Veeva Importer:

  • [NEW] Add import of Veeva objects
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