Release notes migration-center 3.6

fme is happy to announce the general availability of their new migration-center release 3.6

migration-center version 3.6 provides the following new features and fixes:


  • Fix: Saving migset does not work when database parameter plsql_optimize_level = 3
  • Fix: Supported versions missing in installation guide


  • Fix: NullPointerException in Alfresco importer


  • D2 Importer does now validate the Enabled conditions in D2 property pages
  • Set documents that fail during apply lifecycle as partially imported
  • Fix: DQL validation does not work well with $repeatingvalue placeholder
  • Fix: ReapplyAttrsAfterD2Lifecycle does not remove all repeating values


  • Fix: BLOB content not scanned with Firebird database


  • Fix: Bug in audittrail rollback script

Documentum In-Place

  • Fix: InPlace adaptor file processor bug


  • Use latest Tika version 1.17 in file system scanner


  • Scan documents from Business Workspace
  • Update only attributes of existing docs with values in CSV file
  • Fix: Scanning Documents inside "projects" with the OT Scanner (LL9.1) result in "Cannot get SDO Member"
  • Fix: Scanning folders with a blank in the name does not work
  • Fix: OTCS Scanner does not read the Creator from individual versions


  • Original filename can now be changed in SP importer
  • Fix: Running SP Import with valid proxy settings and invalid ServerURL results in NullPointerException logged
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