Release notes migration-center 3.12

fme is happy to announce the general availability of their new migration-center release 3.12

migration-center version 3.12 provides the following new features and fixes:

Alfresco Scanner / Importer:

  • [UPDATE] Support for Alfresco 6.1.1

Documentum Scanner:

  • [NEW] dqlExtendedString should return repeating values

File System Importer:

  • [FIX] Filesystem importer writes invalid XML characters to metadata XML file

OpenText Scanner:

  • [NEW] Save version information as source attributes
  • [NEW] Support wildcards in folder paths
  • [NEW] Scanning Project objects as OTCS(container) with metadata
  • [NEW] Show number of warnings in job run report summary
  • [NEW] Scan user field with user name instead of user id
  • [NEW] Objects scanned from inside projects should contain full parentFolder path

SharePoint Importer:

  • [UPDATE] Support for SP 2019 in SP Importer

Veeva Importer:

  • [NEW] Delta Migration of objects in Veeva Importer
  • [NEW] Support version binding when importing Veeva Vault binders
  • [NEW] Re-authentication mechanism in case of session timeout
  • [NEW] Pause and retry mechanism to handle burst and daily API limits
  • [FIX] Error validating classification when not unique subtypes

Auto Classification Module:

  • [NEW] Functionality to split dataset into training and test data
  • [UPDATE] Removed library under GPL license
  • [NEW] Introduced log output
  • [FIX] Missing dependency packages in AC module installer
  • [FIX] Unresolved document file path in ScanRunExtractor
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