Migration-center port connections

Migration-center has 3 main components: the Database, the Client and the Jobserver. 

The migration-center Client connects as following: 
 - to the Database via Oracle Client through the Oracle port, default is 1521
 - to the Jobserver via port 9700 by default (this can be changed in the ...\lib\mc-server\server-config.properties​ file).

The migration-center Jobserver connects as following:
 - to the Database via JDBC connection on the same oracle port as the Client
 - to each source or target system differently, based on the system itself

Note that in case the scheduler feature is used, then the job will be triggered by the Database instance itself. Therefore in this case the Database machine will also connect to the Jobserver via port 9700 by default. 

Additional note: when making Jobserver definitions in the migration-center Client, it is not recommended to use localhost or even if the Jobserver is installed on the same machine as the Client, because if a client installed on a different machine is used or if the scheduler feature is used, then the Jobserver will be unavailable as the Client will always look for it on the Local machine.

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