Release notes migration-center 3.13

fme AG is happy to announce the general availability of their new migration-center version 3.13.

migration-center version 3.13 provides the following new features and fixes:


  • [FIX] Typo in transformation function 'ConverDateTimezones'
  • [FIX] GetDateFromString return null in same cases
  • [FIX] Job server installation on Linux outdated in Installation Guide
  • [NEW] Add removeDuplicate transformation function
  • [NEW] Add support for Oracle 19c
  • [NEW] Support Oracle JDK 13 & OpenJDK 13
  • [NEW] Support Oracle JDK 11 & OpenJDK 11
  • [NEW] Add configuration import and export to copy config tool

Documentum In-Place:

  • [NEW] Move content to a new storage area

Documentum Scanner:

  • [NEW] Scan complete document audit trail and save it as rendition to the current document version

OpenText Scanner:

  • [FIX] "Member ID is not valid" error when scanning document with an empty owner

OpenText Importer:

  • [NEW] Assign objects to Physical Object Box with a dedicate system rule
  • [FIX] Service became laggy after a certain number of requests
  • [FIX] No error or warning when importing two renditions of the same type

SharePoint / SharePoint Online Importer:

  • [NEW] Support valid filename characters per SharePoint on-prem version
  • [FIX] The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a send
  • [FIX] Could not get SharePoint X-RequestDigest error message when space character in site collection name
  • [FIX] Importer should log error immediately if required fields are missing

SharePoint Online Scanner:

  • [FIX] HTTP 503 Server Unavailable Error when downloading large content files

SharePoint Online Batch Importer <NEW>:

  • [NEW] Import of documents with metadata and versions and folders with metadata using Microsoft SharePoint Migration Import API

InfoArchive Importer:

  • [NEW] Support IA 16.7
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