Release notes migration-center 3.14

fme AG is happy to announce the general availability of their new migration-center version 3.14

Important note: Starting with version 3.13 Update 2, the SharePoint Online Importer does only support app-only principal authentication and no user name / password authentication. Please ensure that this will work for you before you upgrade your existing installation!

New features

  • Alfresco Scanner
    • Support for Alfresco 6.2 (#54152)
    • New feature: Scan only last "n" versions (#54289)
    • New feature: Scan multiple sites (#54291)
  • D2 Importer
    • Support for D2 20.2
  • Documentum Scanner / Importer
    • Support for Documentum Server 20.2
  • OpenText Scanner
    • New feature: Scan shortcuts as distinct MC objects (#53710)
    • New feature: Scan any folder subtype objects (#53711)
  • SharePoint Online Importer (Classic)
    • New feature: Add user-agent traffic decoration (#52837)
  • SharePoint Online Importer (Batch)
    • New feature: Importing role assignments (#54440)
  • Tools
    • New tool to export document type definitions from Veeva available (#51539)

Fixed bugs

  • OpenText Importer
    • Support for OpenText Content Server 20.2
  • OpenText Scanner
    • NPE occurs using excludeFolderPaths (#54326)
    • Wildcards do not work in the root folder (#54329)
    • Set attributes are not scanned if the name is longer than 100 chars (#54589)
  • SharePoint Online Importer (Batch)
    • SPO batch importer checks wrong content location (#54568)
    • SPO batch importer throws error when importing large folder hierarchy (#54574)
    • NPE for objects with NULL value in levelInVersionTree in SPO batch importer (#54637)
  • SharePoint Importer
    • Wrong max length limit for parentFolder system attribute when importing to SP 2019 (#54592)

Known Issues & Limitations


  • General / logging
    • The installer does not update the location of the Job Server's log files. So if you do not want to use the default location for log files, which is <Job Server Home>/logs, you need to manually update the log file location in the <Job Server Home>/lib/mc-core/logback.xml configuration file (#54732)
  • D2 Importer
    • Support for importing to D2 4.1, 4.5, and 4.6 was removed
  • OpenText Scanner
    • Using binders in the parameters "scanFolderPaths" and "excludeFolderPaths" is not supported (#54963)






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