Release notes migration-center 3.9

fme is happy to announce the general availability of their new migration-center release 3.9

migration-center version 3.9 provides the following new features and fixes:


  • [CHANGE] Jobserver now comes with a new Java service wrapper
  • [NEW] Jobserver now supports 64-bit Java
  • [NEW] Jobserver now supports OpenJDK 8-11
  • [NEW] New transformation function ConvertDateTimezones for time-zone conversions

CSV & Excel Scanner:

  • [NEW] Distinct scanner for CSV & Excel files
  • [NEW] Supports enhancement mode to enhance existing scan runs with additional metadata from CSV or Excel file


  • [FIXED] Delta scan pulls content from all files instead of only changed/new files


  • [FIXED] Delta feature of file system scanner fails on time changeover to summer/winter time


  • [NEW] Add switch for per object XML validation
  • [NEW] Support for XML version 1.1


  • [FIXED] Typo in error log message
  • [FIXED] Out of Oracle sessions error in OpenText scanner
  • [NEW] Scanner now supports also Java Web Service
  • [NEW] Added content hash calculation in scanner


  • [FIXED] File Name character limit in SharePoint online is limited to 128 characters only
  • [FIXED] Importer uses SP on-prem path limit also for SPO
  • [FIXED] Parameter 'proxyUsername' is missing in job configuration! error when starting SPO importer job
  • [FIXED] Digest not refreshed after job resume
  • [CHANGE] Importer will now remove duplicate file extensions
  • [NEW] Support for ADFS Authentication in SPO Importer


  • [NEW] Import Documentum virtual documents to Veeva binders
  • [NEW] Import eCTD ZIP from file system
  • [NEW] Set references to existing master data objects in Veeva
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