Adding newlines in the transformation rules

Due to the fact that currently in migration-center you cannot insert a newline through the existing transformation rules, the following workaround can be used:

Using a script, we create a new mapping list named "[FME] NEWLINE" which contains only one mapping of the key "newline" and the value chr(10), which is the line feed character. You can do this by running the attached script against your migration-center database using the user fmemc. 

After the mapping list was created it can be used as seen in the following screenshot: 

We make a transformation step using the MapValue Function, where we specify string "newline" as the value to be transformed, and our [FME] NEWLINE as the mapping list.

After this, you can reference the step in any other rule to concatenate the newline character, as seen below: 

Note: After transformation, in the objects view, you need to select the attribute and click on View Value  to see the actual new line displayed.

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